Child relief Foundation is an urge to create a society where growing up would be a beautiful tale for every child.A child’s growth is not optional and as should be relief and support to them.We are a Nation wide initiative working everyday with goal of Creating a Community of Learners.Initiated by a Team of social workers with a strong will to change the ways of providing relief,CRF has been developing the Financial and Psychological strength of Families in slum so that pursuing education for children can be free from Social pressure,Financial pressures and Traumas.We work with a vision to change the way people  live in and think about society.Our Learning centers, First-aid centers, Medical assistance initiatives and Personality Development with Vocational Training sessions has been our Primary Tools to build a Re-assured and supportive society.Our Project ‘FULL BLOOM ‘ is focused mainly on motivating and training parents for jobs and at the same time Equipping children with education and a Competitive Personality.We have taken responsibility of development and enrichment of Families in few Slums of Delhi NCR, Maharashtra, Punjab and Uttarpradesh. The impulse of People over there to come forward and win over everyday Fears of Life shows that we are Headed in a right way.


We know that will to learn is very powerful but it surrenders if surrounded by Poverty,Loss of awareness and Fear.Re-assuring people who are less aware in terms of Healthcare and Education is a tough job.We have been spreading relief as an utmost necessity and that as our Daily routine.We have come across many children who were struggling with life and Family.We have made them ready enough to battle through tussles of Life and are on their way to support their Family now.

Our First steps were to install a First-aid centre in a slum and the relief it provided to families has been our source of Motivation till now.By seeing the slightest drop in Fear & Insecurity due to our initiative we didn’t look back and have been installing First aid centres,distributing medicines and nutritional supplements and supporting children who are strong enough to wish for better life and Learning.Our assistance to thousands of children has paved a smooth way for learning and upgrading their personality.Giving strength to a Family by equipping them with knowledge gradually makes the whole country strong.Our own experience and struggles gave rise to our Project ‘FULL BLOOM’.

Project ‘FULL BLOOM’ is a way of Living which helps members of deprived families upgrading to their Maximum Potential.Our attention lies most at developing productive character of children and training Guardians for joining the economical cycle of the Nation.

  • We have conducted hundreds of Personality development sessions,developed learning centres with Creative abilities training and arranged for Hardware based training of small enterprises for Parents so that they can fully and willingly focus on study of their children.We track talents and skills among children and polish it so that learning can make way for other productive activities.Due to appreciation for our methods and generous contributions, we are also making families stronger by providing Regular Medical support,Surgeries support,Prosthetics support and Nutritional support.
  • Our initiative provides scholarships to students.We find the deserving students by regularly organizing Examinations and Personality tests in slums.It has been creating a competitive edge among children and helps them realise that the world might be a tough place,but not an impossible one.
  • Apart from running our learning centres we try to renovate education system by motivating parents to send their children to government schools and also extend our help by restoring desks,benches and 1 computer in few  schools of slum.Making belief of citizens in system strong should be the Prime task of any Social organization.
  • We are always buckled up to provide relief in disasters too as it should be every one’s responsibility to help and unite if we are fighting something as strong as Nature.We have assisted people in flood,epidemic and incidents of Man made disasters too.


  • At the end of 2019, an estimated 46 million people where internally displaced by conflict,violence and helplessness .More than 42% or 19 million were Children.They struggle every minute and being happy and smiling is a rare phenomenon for them. Atleast growing up should be easy in a Nation.
  • In India,only 9.6% of Children between 6-23 months receive an adequate diet which can ensure their living.It is obvious that loss of awareness and uncontrolled population has given rise to such problems but growing up of a child is surely not optional.For a Child,Nutrition and Healthcare support is the need,not a luxury.
  • 56% of working children in India are no longer studying.We are being snatched of chances to get leaders every day. If the education is interrupted, it deprives children Of the opportunities to reach their full potential.They might not need us but we need them.
  • 75% of rural India survives on Rs. 33 per day.It poses challenges to accessing essential services such as safe housing, sanitation and health care or psychological support.What is our daily need can be huge comfort for someone.

We need to change the way deprived people live and think about society. We all should work on rebuilding families with the help of tools such as knowledge and learning sessions, livelihood training and health care support.

If you want to be Ahead of Time, help a Child. They are our Future.

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